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Founded in 2021, we are building AB3.ai, the world's smartest conversion optimization AI.


Our story

For every 100 visitors to a webpage, only 2 of them will convert to paid customers on average. That is AWFUL. There are some great tools out there, so why are companies so bad at conversion optimization? We believe it's a human problem. There just isn't enough time in the day for people to run and manage experiments. People need to rest. And it isn't worth a human's time to manually optimize a page beyond a certain point. But AI has no such limits! AB3.ai can work 24/7, running millions of experiments while your team sleeps.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Avi Muchnick. He previously founded Worth1000 (acquired by Emerge Media) and Aviary (acquired by Adobe). With executive experience at startups and tech giants like Adobe, Shapeways and Shutterstock, Avi faced the common challenge of optimizing conversion funnels to capture more revenue. Typically, a small set of funnels is responsible for catering to large user cohorts, resulting in average outcomes. Avi and the brilliant team at AB3.ai are aimed to solve this problem by harnessing the power of Generative AI.

Meet the team
Our team has a proven, repeat track record of success. AB3.ai was built by key members of the team that created and grew Aviary.com to 10,000 partners, 125 Million Downloads, and 70 Million MAU.
Avi Muchnick
Founder / CEO
Guido Van Loon
Sr. AI Engineer
Dossy Shiobara
Sr. Infrastructure
Benjamin Carlson
Spencer Pauly
Angela Wang
Lead Product
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