Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bad for SEO or will it impact my existing keywords?

No - Google and other search engines will see your original page content.

What if generates something I wouldn’t want on my page?

Your team will always be able to approve every variant before they go live.

Will this slow down my website at all?

No. In our tests it barely adds 60 milliseconds of additional time. That is well within safe industry standards!

If the AI has a technical difficulties, will it break my website?

No. In the unlikely event that goes offline, your original content will load as normal!

Do I need to make changes to my website code every time a campaign goes live?

No, you only need to put the code snippet in your website’s global headers once.

What languages and platforms will this work on?

It works on all web platforms and any CMS that supports HTML and javascript code.

Can I pause a campaign or disable some variants instantly if needed?

Yes. All actions will change or pause your campaign in real time.

How long does it take to know if a campaign is working?

It generally takes 2,000 page views to see significant patterns emerge, but you may see trends emerge even sooner as experiments start to work. 200 page views is our recommended minimum. streamlines conversion optimization
Easy setup
Add a little javascript code to your page & activate your campaign in the dashboard.
Approve variants
While your campaign is running, you'll review and approve new variants as they're generated.
Track results
Review your campaign’s performance with user friendly graphs.
Need more help?
Have more questions that weren't answered here? We're here to help.